Fabric Beaded Necklace for babies and children. Teething Necklace!

$ 10.00

Great for babies, kids and adults! This necklace is perfect for all ages and sizes. It features 24mm beads incased in a colorful cotton blend fabric sleeve. The beads are knotted off for safety. All necklaces are between 29 1/2" - 31" and tie in the back for easy adjustability to fit everyone! They are soft to wear around your neck and machine washable (Line Dry)!!!! Great for those that can't wear metals on their skin and wonderful beginner jewelry for young ones! This necklace comes in 4 different patterns all with 5 beads inside. Please select pattern color variation before checkout!
1.) Pastel rainbow strips with silver glitter in the fabric. My daughter is wearing this necklace in the picture! She is 6 yrs. old!
2.) Flower petal rainbow fabric! My favorite!!!
3.) Teal, Gray and White chevron pattern (Zig-Zag)
4.) Rainbow bright chevron pattern (Zig-Zag)

***Great for baby pictures!

***Mommy and daughter necklaces!

***If you are using this necklace as a teething tool for babies, please supervise your child at all times!

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